Blackford Dental Management, LLC
Blackford Dental Management, LLC

Thomas P. Dudas Jr., DMD

I have been fortunate in my career that many blessings have come my way; most recently, the opportunity to help form and guide this endeavor. The amount of talent that this organization possesses, both from a management and clinical perspective, is extraordinary.

Significant changes are occurring throughout the dental industry, including the design of dental delivery systems and how these concepts are put into practice. We are forming a unique way of providing dental care throughout Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. I feel we have the capacity to create outstanding Teams leading to exceptional patient experiences.

Under development, is a concept we call the Perio-Centric model. This type of dental practice will enable us to become a leading edge Dental Service Organization. This Perio-Centric business model gives Pennsylvania Dental Partners the ability to provide our Teams with the tools to change dentistry from a repair model to one of dental patient wellness.

The integration of dental technology, from practice management software, to intra oral cameras, to digital radiography and the ability to capture digital impressions, will be enhanced by the rapid adoption of the PreViser Model. PreViser will provide both dental risk assessment and dental health monitoring for our patients on a long term basis.

This integrated delivery and assessment model, combined with our partner periodontists, will allow us to act as true advocates for our patients’ dental and systemic health. This oneness concept benefits everyone: Patients, Teams Members, and Doctors.

We have the opportunity and the ability to change dentistry from an industry of repairing the ravages of dental disease to a practice of dental wellness.

This, ladies and gentleman, will be our LEGACY!!!

-Dr. Thomas P. Dudas Jr.